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KOZANKAI Alpine Club   belonging to Tokyo Moutaineering Federation

Kozankai is an alpine club founded with members who want to be an all-round alpinists, constructed with about 20 active members.
Since we all love climbing variational routes, such as rock climbings and stream climbings in summer, and snow ridges and tour skies in winter.
We usually have 3 camps and a few all-member trips in each year, and many other private climbing trips are achieved. We have a motto "Playing in mountains as much as possible", so our activities are various in kind, such as hikings, ice climbings, indoor climbings, campings as outdoor men, mashroom gathering tours and etc.
If you are boring your current mountaineering activities, want to start climbing newly, or hate feudalistic atmosphire of your current club, you are welcomed to come and join us.

!! New members are welcomed to join at any time! !!

StartingMountaineering report blog.

New articles are in the blog basically.
50th anniversary from the foundation

list-2002Activities in 2005
  • Himalayan Expedition  Tharpuchuli
  • Winter camp  Mt.Kitadake
list-2002Activities in 2003 photophoto
list-2002Activities in 2003 photophoto
list-2002Activities in 2002 photophoto
list-2001Activities in 2001 photophoto
list-2000Activities in 2000 photophoto
list-1999Activities in 1999
  • Winter camp  Mountaineering tour in Mt.Tanigawa range
  • Expedition   The north ridge of Tiritzo Himal in Nepal
  • Spring camp  Ridges of Mt.Goryu in the north alps
  • Summer camp  Karasawa camp in Mt.Hodaka
list-1998Activities in 1998
  • Winter camp  West face of Mt.Yatsugatake
  • Spring camp  Simultaneous ascending of ridges on Mt.Rishiri
  • Summer camp  Masagosawa camp at Mt.Tsurugi
list-1997Activities in 1997 photophoto



Meetings are hold on Wednesday at Hacho-bori.
Place Shintomi Community Center     13-1 Sintomi, Chuouku (03-3297-4038)
Time 8:00p.m. - 9:00p.m. (6:00 - 9:00)
After Meeting Drinking party at "Tori-no Gosaku" near Kayabacho station after every meeting
Next Meetings
May  11(Wed) 25(Wed)
June  7(Tus) 23(Thr)

Information of KOZANKAI

Representative  Masaharu Nakajima (Mr)
Office  Arakawaku, Tokyo
Founded  September of 1954
Members fee  For membership 1,000 yen/month, admission 1,500 yen(+advanced payent of 2-month membership fee is required), Need to have a mountaineer insurance specified by the club, which costs 6,200 yen/year

Message Board

Contact Address

Please feel free to contact the following addresses, if you are interesting in the club, or want to participate meetings.
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